Yep, I am a fan.
“That was sick!” Were the first three words that I could put together immediately after watching Aquaman.

It was visually S T U N N I N G. Seriously. Jason Momoa also falls into that catogory… obviously. But seriously, wow…it was beautiful. The background story of Arthur Curry’s birth and how he became Aquaman was short and sweet, a quick backstory and straight into current day, enter Jason Momoa as AQUAMAN. The music used in time with camera styles within introductory shots were the perfect combo. It felt like a real live comic book and I feel like no one has managed to get that before like James Wan has in this movie.


James Wan is one of my favourite director, screenwriter and producer’s. With movies such as Saw, The Conjuring, Lights Out, Insidious and The Nun,  just to name a few, to me.. he is kind of a horror king! I just love his film style. This is the first movie of his I’ve seen that’s not in the horror genre and I’m not surprised it was great, I know he’s great, I’m just so impressed by it! I am looking forward to more Aquaman movies if he stays working on them then I know that they will continue to be incredible

From the visuals to the sound effects, camera angles, storyline, the cast, scenes, comical lines, everything! It was just so exciting and so cool, it really was… sick!



AQUAMAN. Directed by James Wan. Starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson.


Guts & Glory…


Scream was released in 1996, I was literally six years old then so I was a good 12 years off being allowed to see it in the cinema, plus I probably would have had nightmares for years at that age. I first saw this movie at my friends house on her built in VHS TV in her bedroom, yup… on of those old school tiny screen but absolutely huge square things we used to call TV’s. It was on video so I’m assuming I was maybe like 8-10 years old at this point. After watching it I had to psych myself up to go home after, to actually open the front door and run, three doors down the road because I was so scared… it’s probably the most exercise I ever did at that age. 

As I got older and into my movies and into my horrors it became maybe not just my favourite in the horror genre but my favourite movie, period.

I just love all the references through out, how it rolls with the cliches, it’s funny, it’s bloody and to me it’s what a true slasher movie is. There’s never any new movies like this anymore, we have our classics, our Ghost-face, our Freddy, Jason, Leatherface and Micheal Myers. There never seems to be any new iconic horror character’s with a slasher type plot anymore. (please send me a message if you think there is something out there and I will watch it.) 


On Friday night I went to The Prince Charles Cinema to watch Scream 1 & Scream 2 back to back on 35mm film. So exciting! My favourite movie on the big screen in all its guts and glory. Although the first film is my ultimate favourite, seeing that opening scene where Jada Pinkett Smith’s character gets sliced and diced while watching “stab” in the cinema, while watching it in the actual cinema, oh my god… it just made that scene even more incredible by being sat in the same setting. 


So tell me, what’s your favourite scary movie? 


Caught In a Bad Bromance…


I recently read an article that was saying Venom was getting bad reviews, blah blah blah, never believe what you read. (Apart from this… you can believe this.) 

I’ve always been the hugest Spider-Man fan ever since I was a little boy (girl) so to hear that they were making a stand alone Venom movie I was so excited and the fact Tom Hardy was cast as Eddie Brock, YES!!! I love Tom Hardy, I think he’s such a good actor and has some amazing characters and movies under his belt.


As any new movie starts, they obviously have to introduce characters, set the scene and get the story going… I was a little bored to begin with but I think that’s just because I know about Venom already and was just so eager to watch the carnage unfold. (See what I did there.) The moment that Eddie Brock and Venom merged, that was it, I was fully into it. 

Venom and Eddie’s bromance grew so fast and they become such an epic team of losers. The film gave me all the vibes of the Spider-Man cartoons that I watched as a kid in the 90’s. I love how dark venom is but he is also so comedic. I’m really excited for any future Venom movies now that we have the introduction out of the way and also the post credit introduction of another classic character. Make sure you stay seated.

Oh… and we all know that I’m a sucker for a good soundtrack and the Venom soundtrack is by Eminem so I am SO here for it. 



Venom. Directed by Ruben Fleischer. Starring Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams. 

A Fangirl is Born…


A Star is Born absolutely broke my heart and I loved every minute of it.

Jackson and Ally are the cutest thing ever, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s on screen chemistry is incredible. The whole soundtrack is incredible. Gaga is incredible. Bradley is incredible and my turtle neck jumper is soaked with my tears. Happy and sad tears. It was honestly the most incredible movie I have seen in so long. INCREDIBLE. (if I haven’t said that already.) 


I can’t wait for the full soundtrack to be released so I can listen to it over and over, currently listening to Shallow on repeat. Oh and for it to be out so I can buy the dvd and watch it all the time.

BEST ACTRESS. BEST ACTOR. BEST ORIGINAL SONG. BEST PICTURE. A Star is Born is taking all of these awards home… from me anyway. 

I’m the biggest Gaga fan, she’s my favourite female, I loved her as The Countess in American Horror Story- Hotel, and I’m absolutely in love with her as Ally in A Star is Born. 

I completely and utterly stan this movie!  

Go and see it, take a whole packet of tissues with you, you’re gonna need them. 


A Star is Born, Starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.  Directed by Bradley Cooper.

Family Ties…




(of a title, office, or right) conferred by or based on inheritance.”the Queen’s hereditary right to the throne”



Hereditary is not your typical horror. It’s a lot darker than that. Darker in the sense it plays on your emotions and gets you invested in the characters, you have no idea what is about to happen next. It starts off all so normal and just escalates from there on out. 

I can’t say much about this movie without having to explain and probably spoil it, so all I’m going to say is I was shocked from the minute Charlie ate the chocolate cake… I’ll leave it at that and once you’ve watched Hereditary I’m sure you will agree and understand exactly what I’m talking about.  

I’m already sat here thinking about the storyline and trying to straighten out what’s what exactly. It’s given me a lot to think about and figure out fully. If you’re not necessarily a horror addict like me, you may not enjoy Hereditary too much, but if you are anything like me you will enjoy this movie and how it brings horror to an everyday life situation and it feeds on a family’s vulnerability.




Hereditary. Directed by Ari Aster. Starring, Toni Collete, Alex Wolff, Gabriel Byrne and Milly Shapiro.


A Classic Crime…

Okay, so Marrowbone wasn’t what I expected at all. The adverts being shown on tv are really pushing it and from what the short advert shows, it didn’t look much to me. Despite that, I decided to watch it tonight anyway. Starting off it was pretty slow but it was giving all the old classic horror vibes that I love so much, so I was feeling it even though not much was happening. Then suddenly,  it switches up ten levels and had me on the edge of my seat, I was gripped. All of a sudden it felt full force classic 90’s mystery/horror, the type of movie i would accidentally catch some of when I was a kid staying up late flicking through the tv channels and it would scare me for days, you know like the first time you saw some of Pet Semetary? Yes, THAT type of vibe.

I feel like I haven’t seen a film like this in so long and it was SO refreshing to go back to this type of story. The Secret of Marrowbone (or just Marrowbone, I’ve seen it titled both ways?)  totally gets my recommendation for any of you horror fans out there. Don’t give up on it, it’s worth the watch. 


Directed by, Sergio G Sanchez.

Starring, George MacKay, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Mia Goth and Kyle Soller.